ASTROSE Ice Warning

Certain locations increase the risk of power lines freezing over in colder temperatures. The weight of ice has caused the disruption of power supply and even the outright destruction of power lines in the past.

The weight of frost and ice can cause lines to expand, increasing the tilt of the line. ASTROSE’s precise monitoring of line tilt in each grid section makes it possible to pinpoint immediately where ice has begun to or is already affecting the line.

ASTROSE Server – Ice Warning Notification

The ASTROSE server uses the current tilt data to monitor significant ice loads. If a substantial deviation from the regular tilt is identified, the system checks whether frost and ice might be causing the abnormal values.

In positive cases, the grid operator is notfied with details about the grid section affected by the incident.

The tilt thresholds can be defined by referring to the maximum parameters e.g. for the maximum ice loads stated in the applicable norms.