Our monitoring system for high and maximum voltage power grids increases the capacity of overhead lines, streamlines monitoring and maintenance, and promises substantial economic and ecological benefits.


Ampacity Optimization

ASTROSE was developed to increase the capacity of overhead lines (current capacity, ampacity) in high and maximum voltage grids. This is achieved by monitoring the current line tilt in each grid section.


Ice Warning

Certain locations increase the risk of power lines freezing over in colder temperatures. The weight of ice has caused the disruption of power supply and even the outright destruction of power lines in the past.


Risk Detection

Broken isolators or torn lines will cause the line in the affected and neighbouring sections to tilt unpredictably. The incident is recorded by ASTROSE, and the system immediately notifies the grid operator and maintenance teams.


Theft Protection

Power lines have become a popular target of metal thieves. Unused lines in remote locations are particularly at risk of theft. 

ASTROSE sensors offer automatic and immediate alarms and can be used for active and dormant lines.