ASTROSE Expansion Pack

The ASTROSE expansion pack includes demonstration and development components, replacement batteries, and equipment for use in the field.


A laptop is required for communication purposes during the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of ASTROSE components in the field . The laptop should be equipped with a sufficiently high-capacity battery.

Wireless Modem

The wireless modem is required to connect to wireless networks in circumstances without other network connections.

Directional Antenna

Specialist antennae are used to establish a radio connection in particularly adverse conditions.

Power Inverter for In-Car Laptop Use

Power inverters have proven helpful for long-term use of laptops in the field.

Cables and Adapters

Cables and adapters are provided for development activities and other work in the field.

Battery Packs

High-capacity battery packs for battery-operated sensor nodes can be ordered separately.


Battery packs for ASTROSE sensor nodes
Battery packs for ASTROSE sensor nodes

Evaluation Tool

The evaluation tool is used by our clients for their internal research and development work. The miniature sensor node (FSKmini) is equipped with a removable battery, the ASTROSE sensor, and ASTROSE electronics. The tool includes a mobile base station to process the radio signal. Firmware and software for evaluation functions are included with the tool.

Components of the ASTROSE evaluation tool
Components of the ASTROSE evaluation tool