ASTROSE Pilot Line

In addition to the ASTROSE hardware and software, the following services are available for using the ASTROSE monitoring system:

Application planning for ASTROSE monitoring

When planning the application of the ASTROSE system, the choice of sensor nodes and other components is made with a view to the intended functionality. The installation and commissioning procedures are planned correspondingly.

Installation* and commissioning of ASTROSE monitoring

The sensor nodes can be installed by trained and experienced construction professionals. The finished system is commissioned for operational use by the same construction team.

Seminars on ASTROSE monitoring

Users of the ASTROSE monitoring system are offered focused training seminars, covering a special set of contents chosen to match their specific needs.

Maintenance for ASTROSE monitoring

Maintenance contracts can be arranged for operating the ASTROSE  monitoring system. The contracts can cover technical maintenance of the system as well as operational tasks like the electronic delivery of alarm notifications or updating of routing data.


Additional optional services:

Depending on the use case for the ASTROSE monitoring system, additional services will be offered subject to additional fees

* Services like the installation of sensor nodes or pilot routing are offered in partnership by the Fraunhofer IZM and the LTB GmbH.